look what I won!

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  1. congratulations! that's a great price for the petit timeless tote....in canada, the retail is around C$2000, i think?
    i've this bag in black and i can wear it over my shoulder. however, when i'm wearing a winter coat, i prefer to carry this bag on my arm.
  2. actually-i am paying 100 more- the original BIN price- but still good I think
  3. I live in texas- so we don't really wear a heavy coat much
  4. Congratulations, that's a beautiful color!

    This is a slightly different version of the Petit Timeless tote. You can see the difference on mine: it zips around on top and closes the bag on both sides, while yours is abit open on the sides. And the chains are somewhat longer than yours, about a 10 inch shoulder drop. So, I'm not sure if this one will fit on your shoulder :shrugs:

  5. congrats! thats a great bag!
  6. ah, i just noticed that too. i only took a quick glance and immediately thought the petit timeless tote:shame:. but, still...a great tote :tup:

  7. You have to pay $100 more? I thought that was against eBay's policy for the seller to charge you higher than the ended price.

    Anyway, that is a great bag. Enjoy it. :smile:
  8. love that bag!! congrats!
  9. Congratulations it is beautiful!!
  10. is your bag the same size? What does it hold? I have a pretty fat long wallet, a makeup pouch, razor, and keys- will it hold these?
  11. oh so you were the one who bought it now, hehe. congrats! the color is soo pretty~
  12. it should be able to fit all that in there...congratulations, you scored a great deal on a chanel!
  13. would chanel lengthen the chains some to the 10" i wonder?
  14. wow!!! That's a great price! congrats!