Look what i 've found: Mini Coin Purses in White and Turquoise 04!!

  1. Hi ladies i've found this two mini coin purses ( discontinued)...!!!!!!!

    I am not sure of keeping them both but I have not been able to resist to this temptation.... Old colours brand new..

    Is it seafom or turquoise 04?
    The back side of the white one is spotted but I have ordered Apple Gard and hope to be able to clean it ..

    The first pic has been taken inside home , the second one outside
    Mini coin purse 004.jpg Mini coin purse 009.jpg
  2. Beautiful! It's turquoise. I have the biggest crush on the mini coin purses, you're so lucky you were able to find them!!!!!!!!
  3. OMG these are so cute!!! Did they have any others available where you purchased this from? I heard that this style is discontinued. Beautiful colors!!
  4. They had only one planet in apple green.. The store is in Italy...
  5. Ohhhh I LOVE them both, l_b!! But especially the turquoise!
  6. They are truly beautiful!!! Did you get them at a consignment store, or are they brand new (because they look 100% new and lovely). I wish we had stores that still sold the old colors here in the States...
  7. I didn't get them at a consignement sore but in boutique and so they are brand new.
  8. Oh, no wonder! They are so pretty! I wish there were treasures like this to be found here... *sigh*
  9. l, they are adorable!:love:
  10. OMG I've always wanted a coin purse in turq!!! I didn't even know they existed! You are so lucky, congrats!!!

  11. DARN! :upsidedown: Maybe next time :shrugs:
  12. They're so cute, lb! Congrats!!
  13. Great find!!! Congrats!
  14. I've bougth also the Mini Purse ( not discontinued style) in Black .. i will post pics of it soon
  15. Oh l_b .... just TDF these lovely, little coin purses . . . oh I love it all, especially the turq :P . . . may I ask you in which city in Italy you found them ? ;) . . . and thank you for sharing :roflmfao: