Look what I scored for $115!

  1. http://www.smartbargains.com/go.sb?pagename=prod&fcloc=event&ev=7627&evn=Handbag%2BSale!&ltype=5&page=6&deptid=11&catid=316&prodid=1111477686&t=Event.dept-11..prod.8
    I saw someone with this bag a while ago and fell in love. I had a chance to buy the large one at Nordies some time ago for $150 but it was white and it was huge. I think this would make a nice everyday bag and this one has the gold hardware which I love, so...ladies, do you like it?
  2. Very cute, congrats!
  3. Very cute! I've seen this bag in other colors and always thought it was nice. Congrats.
  4. Awesome bag and price!!
  5. Cute!!! Post modeling pics when it gets here!
  6. Good deal :tup:
  7. Congratulations on your purchase!
  8. Such a good deal! Yippe! The bag is beautiful too.
  9. Wow!! Great deal....!!! Congrats!
  10. Thanks all, I'll be sure to post pics when she comes!
  11. That's really nice ... love the colour!
  12. So cuteee tonjii!! I like the color for sure! Model for us whenever it arrives! It's wayyyy easier to get the size perspective of a bag in real life then on a models.
  13. Love the color! Great find!
  14. good find! def post pictures when you get it!
  15. Tonij2000, what is the actual name and size of this bag? Smartbargains says it is no longer available. This looks like it would be perfect for me! Any info would be great!
    Thanks! It's so beautiful and I can't believe the price! (I never get deals like this! You seem to always find great stuff for the best bargains!)