look what i scored during my trip to the mbmj boutique today!

  1. i finally made my way to bleecker street boutique after having not been there for over a month. there are so many cute/awesome/wonderful things in the special items store right now! i was a bit disappointed because the spring bags are not out yet. i really wanted to see the new midnight color in person. i would love to get the quinn in that color. however, i did get myself a few small consolations prizes. pictured is an umbrella, a little envelope case i'm using to carry my work id, student id, and metrocard, and the apple watch necklace.

    mbmj special items loot.JPG apple necklace.JPG
  2. Those are too cute - love them and how happy your ID's must be! :p
  3. Aww..they're so cute! :sigh: Love em! :heart: Congrats!
  4. They're all so cute! I like how the letters M-A-R-C go around the dial of the watch. And that umbrella is pretty!
  5. thanks, guys! :flowers: the weather in nyc was nice today and the stores weren't as crowded as they usually are, which makes me think that i should've bought more stuff!
  6. Love your stuff!!
  7. oooh the umbrella is cute. how much is it? i hope not much over $10. ^_^
  8. Ah how cute are these, I could really do with a new umbrella, hasn't really stopped raining here for ages.
    Congrats hey you can always go back and get more ;)
  9. Congrats!! I love your new items!:love:
  10. Cute umbrella - does it look just like the wrap that covers it? Is it a heavy duty one (that won't turn inside out in the wind)?? There's a reason Chicago is known as the "Windy City"!! We need umbrellas that won't turn inside out!

    I wish there was a place online to see all these little tidbits from the MJ store. I can't wait until Thu when the MbyMJ store finally opens!!
  11. Your items are too cute. Love the red ID holder!
  12. the price wasn't so bad. cheaper than the $50 umbrellas currently available at Shopbop. it cost me $16.

    i know what you mean. it can get pretty windy here in nyc where the tall buildings serve as makeshift wind tunnels. the umbrella is the same pattern as the cover. the flower pattern was also available in yellow and there were ombre green, purple, and blue umbrellas too. all of them had the hook lucite handles. i haven't tested it out yet. it didn't rain today and i hope it doesn't tomorrow, but i will report back if it turns out to be flimsy. my gap umbrellas hold up pretty well to strong gusts of wind, so i think the mj ones will too.
  13. how cute! ive been wanting one of those watch necklaces for awhile. the pear is adorable. i saw the mouse watches on Shopbop too. maybe ill pick one up on the 20th when we go shopping ;)

    and your right kim, todays weather was perfect! hope its this nice next sunday!
  14. I know exactly what you mean - for the last 8 years, I've walked past the Sears Tower every day where it's about 10 degrees colder with winds about 20 MPH stronger!!! When it's raining, snowing and/or just windy, it's like walking through a wind tunnel (sometimes my bags fly straight out to the side - and we're talking about pretty heavy bags LOADED down with stuff!). Thankfully, I've only been knocked down once (and no, I'm not kidding!!)!
  15. I love everything! The little envelope case is especially cute!