Look what I scored at Saks sale

  1. Sales were unexpectedly amazing this Memorial day (is it indication that retailers are struggling?). Anyway I was trying to locate Marcie in plum, it never went on sale in Chloe boutique and Barneys but I found oldie but goodie - medium Marcie in cocoa online at Saks. Not without piece of drama (I couldn't get order confirmation for 3 days, while other shoppers' orders were shipped the same day) I got it shipped. And I love it!
    I have two Marcie crossbody, one medium hobo, two Elsies but this is my first Marcie satchel!
    Thank you fellow tPHs who posted their cocoa Marcies, I was confident that colour is exactly what I want (saturated burgundy in fact, I don't know why it's called cocoa).
    chloe3.jpg chloe6.jpg chloe4.jpg chloe8.jpg chloe7.jpg
  2. congrats....that's a very rich color!
  3. Gorgeous! How do Marcies look so casually chic?!! Love them and Cocoa is stunning!
  4. Love your Marcie! That's really a beautiful color! Enjoy : )
  5. Thank you Shoegal, it looks even redder in daylight:smile:

    Cupcake, thank you. Originally your plum Marcie was in my mind!:graucho::drool: But I'm bonding with this Marcie in cocoa, and handles are actually comfortable on my shoulder.

    Thank you, Designerhbgirl! :flowers:
  6. congrats the color is beautiful!!!
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!!!
  8. Gorgeous! I'm waiting on my sale item to arrive too yay!
  9. Gorgeous color. And I love that leather. Congrats!
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    Ooh, I like. I need some coco in my life. :loveeyes: Congratulations on buying this beauty. :woohoo:
  11. Thank you, Guava!:smile:

    Thank you MaliaNia!:flowers:

    NikkNak, thank you. What did you get?;)

    Thank you, Ladybug! Choe leather never fails :yes:

    Thank you, SweetDaisy05. All year around colour, nice accent with Summer whites and nides.:cool:
  12. I got the marcie medium hobo in hollyberry! They were out at all the stores near me so I had to order it from another store. I so hope it gets here soon! I wanted the satchel but I couldn't find one in a color I didn't have in another bag. Next sale!
  13. Omg, that is one Gorgeous bag, and drooling over the color. Love it. Congrats.
  14. Congrads! Beautiful color! I do love the lush Chloe leather!

    I also think Saks has pretty great sale this year, especially in handbags, I got this Large satchel in Hollyberry, thinking it would be too red and too bright, turns out it is just the right shade of color splash I was looking for!
    Picture 001.jpg
  15. Congrats NikkNak! Medium hobo is a great bag, I love mine in coral. Hollyberry is hot for Summer. Any chance for pics?

    Thank you, Yellowbernie. Plum Marcie on Barneys site looks very close to it, yet it's not on sale.

    Couture_CL, yours is beuaty, so cheering up colour! and double score when it's great deal;)

    PS Hollyberry is trending:smile: