look what i saw on dior.com

  1. whilst doing a product search (for the trotter romantique), i saw a couple of new additions (well at least, i've not seen them yet and they do look like new add-ons)
    black mink romantique.jpg cannage wallet gray.jpg dior gaucho evening.jpg dior gaucho gold evening.jpg gold metallic gaucho.jpg
  2. some more :nuts:
    lady dior evening.jpg lady dior lace.jpg light metallic gaucho.jpg silver metallic gaucho.jpg
  3. :drool::drool::drool:

    Thaaaaaank u Honey for posting:love:
  4. black lady dior evening bag is TDF :drool:
  5. YES!!!! the black lady dior and the black mink trotter romantique are absolutely gorgeous! I'm sorry to all the PETA folks out there, but MINK! :nuts::drool:

    the evening bags are all to die for! i will really have to go down to the dior in manchester and see if any of them are in stock.
  6. Gorgeous !!!
    Thanks for posting zerodross. I like your avatar, nice ring :smile:
    I cant decide which one i like best. :girlsigh:
  7. :drool: My keyboard is sparking and short-circuiting at the moment from the drool!!!!! (just kidding, of course...but the bags are nice!)
  8. chico: i know what you mean! they're all so pretty! especially the new gauchos. it just sort of makes the gold one i have pale in comparison now! :sad: and yes, the dior ring is too cute!

    mayday: heh! the lady dior looks absolutely tempting, it sort of makes me reconsider my interest in getting that black lady dior cannage tote on ebay. ;)
  9. more bags ladies! dior is really planning an all out assault on my wallet now...

    below are the cannage drawstrings, they seem to have included the colours grey & pink and the it's a silver hardware instead of the bronzey gold one previously.

    and the gauchos, i've not seen the framed version of the gaucho (pardon me if it's not new). and here's the other colour black suede/silver (other than the silver and gold gaucho purses previously posted).
    cannage pink.jpg cannage taupe.jpg cannage white.jpg gaucho evening black silver.jpg gaucho frame.jpg
  10. a couple of lady diors and an evening clutch. i recall seeing the black lady dior with the rhinestones somewhere, so it may not be that new.

    ah i think the details got lost somewhere when i cropped the pictures in photoshop, but the wristlet has pink cannage detailing (rather than the white that seems to be showing on the screen, it's really much cuter on the site).
    evening taupe.jpg lady dior rhinestone black.jpg lady dior taupe rhinestone.jpg lady dior wristlet black.jpg
  11. the new trotter romantique. (including some items in the new green colour)
    romantique pouch brown.jpg romantique round brown.jpg romantique tote green.jpg
  12. more of the trotter romantique
    romantique wallet green.jpg romantique wallet black.jpg romantique holder beige.jpg romantique purse beige.jpg
  13. [​IMG]

    this is goin on my xmas list!!!
  14. They are so Hot.
  15. Are they super - limited - hard to find items?
    Would Dior stores stock some of them?