Look what I received today!

  1. I went to LV this afternoon with my friend, and my SA gave me the invite to the christmas cocktail party this coming Saturday!

    I specifically asked her to keep it in the store, coz I don't trust the mail service here in China. If they sent it using mail the invite might arrive bent or not even delivered - OH NO! That's not good :p

    Well the invite is the same as what the others had received, but it's written in Chinese. It's very interesting to find out that I could read most of the characters, 8 months ago I wouldn't be able to read anything! I'm so proud of myself. :shame:

    Anyway, I was told by my SA that they will have a DJ at the party. It is a closed event only for the VICs and it starts at 2PM to 10PM! WEW! 8 hours of champagne and music! :wtf:

    Oh and I was told that I could bring as many friends as I want, and they are expecting to have 200 people attending the party. So anyone wants to come along with me? hehehe...

    While at the store, I had the pleasure to look at the look book for Men Spring Summer 2008. First time they showed me the look book! I usually get my info from tPF (LONG LIVE tPF!). I was also given the christmas catalog.

    I also had a chance to look at the new Damier Lune products, all the three of them up close and personal. DAMN! They are so nice, especially the Trotter bag.

    Oh man... the bag is so perfect!!! I like the size especially, it's perfect not too small not too big. One thing that I don't like the bag though is that it's a bit of hassle to open because it has two latches thingy at the front. Apart from that, everything else was perfect! I really like the material. If I understand my SA correctly, the material is treated so it's kinda water-proof and stain-proof (please correct me if i'm wrong!).

    The colour is also masculine I reckon, because it's darker than the Azur which I think is also another selling point.

    However, I'm still not sure whether I should get this Lune trotter or Bequia Trotter MM in Anthracite colour. Can you guys please give an opinion on this? Especially those who have both bags.. Or the expert guys (DD, Matt, John, etc) can give opinions on this?

    Bequia is a bit more expensive, and the strap is a bit too long for me. I like my bag hangs at my lower back than on my bum - if that makes sense?

    And another thing about the Lune Trotter... Apparently some Chinese movie star called "Huang Xiao Ming" (again if I heard correctly!) has put his name down for this bag. His secretary called the store, and they are now waiting for him to come and see the bag in person before they can sell it to me. They only have one bag for each style, but they said they can order more if I want to get one as well. Actually, I was feeling a bit "WOW.. I'm competing with a movie star on this bag" :supacool: LOL!

    Another thing that I need to consider though.. back home (where I come from), nobody wears bags to go malls and stuff (I'm referring to guys) and I'm gonna go back home permanently in like a month and a half time. At the moment I'm not sure whether I should get this bag because I am not sure if I want to be the only one wearing a bag inside malls back home... I mean I can still wear it when I go travelling and stuff, plus its summer all year long back home so Azur-y colour will look great all year long!

    So tell me what you think guyssssss....