Look what I received today....

  1. I had to wait aaaallll day:sweatdrop: to open the package I received from Fedex while I was at work, since I didn't want to get the bag damaged on my way home after taking it out of it's box... Was that silly of me? Also, my hands for some strange (?):upsidedown: reason kept twitching whenever it got close to the fedex box and I had a hard time concentrating but got through the long torturing day :yahoo: and finally came face to face with this:

    The bleu fonce e/w caviar flap:heart::love: Here she is with my 05 red!
  2. LOVE the red and the blue! I'm so glad you finally got what you wanted, congrats!!!
  3. Thank you so much Savannah! You were a great help:love:
  4. I love the bag and the color is gorgeous!!!
  5. They look soo pretty together.Congrats!!
  6. ooooh!!! i love the red! where did you get it, may i ask? do they have it in medium flap?
  7. That is such a great color!
  8. ladydeluxe, the red is from 2005 and I got it second hand. They did make it in the medium although it's really hard to find now unfortunately:shrugs:
  9. Congrats on your new bag. I love them both. I don't know how you waited all day to open the package.
  10. OMG - those two are soooooooooooo pretty together!!!! :love: :love:

    I can definitely understand why you'd be distracted all day...what a beauty!! Congrats!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. gosh, what a beautiful combo.

    Congrats, the new blue is gorgeous, and compliments your fabby red so well :biggrin:
  12. aw Fran fabby - they are perfect together. Your blue is a great addition, well done.
  13. OMG I love that blue fonce :nuts:! That color is just so pretty, and it looks like it will go with a lot of colors too. I am desperate for one in a med/large in caviar, but theres none out there :sad:

    Congrats on getting such a great bag, I really love it! :tup::love:
  14. so pretty!!!

    btw I never quite get tired of seeing that 2005 red color, so amazing...
  15. gorgeous new bag! the color is so pretty!