Look What I Purchased Today...

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  1. #1 Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008
    Dillard's was having an amazing sale today and I found a great pair of J. Vincent flats on sale...


    I also found these purple patent J. Vincent pumps. I have been looking for some great purple shoes, and though these weren't on sale, I think they are very cute!

  2. Those are some great pumps. They have all the right proportions. Love them!
  3. thanks!!!!
  4. love purple patent and the flats are suuuuper cute!
  5. I love the flats!! Super cute!
  6. I really like the pumps! Care to share the price?
  7. The flats were on sale for $48 (orig $130)
    The pumps were $130

    both at dillards (and dillards.com)

    I actually took another picture with my camera phone that shows the side profile really well.

  8. those pumps are beauties~
  9. Love them! Nice prices too!!!
  10. Nice flats. You can't go wrong in flats.
  11. Wow. I just saw the extra pic of the pumps! Those are gorgeous!
  12. They look really nice on you!