Look what I picked up on the road!

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  1. I was driving to the village last Wednesday, and the thing was having a mid-day nap, right on the middle of the road!!! I hit the brakes, and grabbed it to put it someplace safer but realised she would be flattened by the next car anyway - so I just bagged it.
    It's a baby girl.
    She helps me a LOT with typing on the keyboard - or she tries... :upsidedown:

    (The pics are a week old, she nearly doubled in size since then...)

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  2. Aw, she is so adorable! I'm assuming you are keeping her since you gave her a name. Cats seem to have a knack for finding their human. Congrats on your new buddy.

    Note to Mitzi: the road is not a good place to take a nap!
  3. She is a cutie. And yes, Mitzi, the road is not a place to catch a few z's!
  4. She's adorable! :love: Congrats!!
  5. ^ Thanks!!! :smile:

    Yup, i think she was just tired, cold and starving - perhaps the road was the warmest spot to take a nap. I asked a few people nearby if she belongs somewhere there, and a man said he saw her wandering about since a day or so...
  6. Oh I am SOOOO glad you adopted this precious little thing!! She would have starved or been killed for sure. How can people throw sweet little things like this out to die. You are an angel!! :yes:
  7. Aww, she is so cute!!! I LOVE the name Mitzi. It's great that you took her in, now she's safe and sound. Congratulations!
  8. So cute! Great thing you did.
  9. ^ LOL - our 2 big black brats think differently! They are totally appalled by Mitzi (pffft pffft!!!) - even though they get to finish all the nice baby-food. But things are getting better slowly, they aren't so peeved anymore...

    A pic of Isac:

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  10. Owwww how adorable! I wouldn't have resisted bringing her home either! It's so sweet of you you did... Aren't kittens the cutest little things ever (besides puppies that is :biggrin:)
    Love the name you gave her!
  11. YAYYYYY for your friponne!!! Mitzi is a doll and is so lucky to have found you :tender:
  12. Isn't she cute! (and I don't really care for cats.... :blush: )
  13. Oh she is so cute! You are her guardian angel! :smile:
  14. How nice and sweet of you to take her in.
  15. Awww! What a little sweetie! I used to have a little spotted cat named Mitzi too, she lived a long happy life and she was a wonderful companion. So nice of you to pick the little one up!