look what I picked up at Chanel in Virginia

  1. I'm so excited.. this is by far my favourite Chanel! And I avoided the horrible California tax! :heart:

  2. Super cute! Congrats!
  3. so cute! :drool::heart::drool:

    what is it called?? did u see it other colors?

    so you can avoid the CA tax by ordering from out of state? good to know!

  4. hey there,

    I have no clue what it is called, and the SA told me right now it is the only one in the country. I saw in the book there was a red one, though :smile: I think in order to avoid the tax, you have to have it shipped to somewhere other than CA. I was in Virginia, however, so I saved around 3% tax. :heart:
  5. Very very cute~ Congrats and enjoy!
  6. i love it! super cute! does it have a back pocket? is it lamb? may i ask how much? looove it.. congrats... great purchase
  7. :tup:Saw one in white today..Very pretty!
  8. cute! congrats!
  9. around $2600 , yes it has a back pocket and is lamb :heart:
  10. Love it - what a cute bag!
  11. thanks for the info.... i have some serious thinking to do.... love the bag!!
  12. too cute! Congrats!
  13. Can I ask what size it is?
    Congratulations.......she's a beauty. This is the one bag I like from the SS08 collection!!!!

  14. it's the size of the east/west bag
  15. Forgive me but is that chain going around the perimeter? Whatever, no matter, it's really darling and apparently a rarity. Congrats on your score -- and skirting the tax as well.