Look what I ordered!

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  1. It isn't here yet but I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival...

    LV Fleur de Porcelaine Bandeau


    it also comes in these colors...


    This one is also around $100, not sure though I ordered it from France, so I am only paying $90 American.
  2. Very cute!! Nice choice!
  3. Cute! Congrats!
  4. I really like the blue one, congrats!
  5. Thanks, I love the colored ones but I figured beige would go with all my outfits throughout the year. Hopefully I'll sell some more houses and I can get the other 2 for summer!
  6. i saw this in the boutique when i bought my speedy and it took every ounce of willpower not to impulse buy the red one. (i am such a scarf whore). it is SO beautiful. you will LOVE it. :smile:
  7. None of the girls knew anything about it, I printed out a pic and took it to the boutique, so I ordered it through a girl that goes to France often. I guess I should have waited a little! :smile:
  8. ohh so cute!! thanks for sharing and can't wait till you get it because I'm sure it's even more fab in your pics
  9. Those are so cute! I like the blue one, but I'd have no idea what to use them for.
  10. aww too cute! i love it! :biggrin: all your outfits will look even more adorable!
  11. Oh my god, I so have to get one !! They are too cute !
  12. I think you made a real smart choice! Enjoy.
  13. Love Those!!!
  14. Very pretty! I love the red
  15. So cute! :love: I love the red one.
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