Look what I made

  1. Had nothing to do, so... I printed out some Louis Vuitton multicolour monogram wallpapers and made these! :p


  2. Oooh very pretty!
    Well done!
  3. Heheh, thanks!
  4. they look so good. i liked the idea another tpfer had of making LV covers for her agenda that she changes ever few weeks, she showed the groom one in the inside your LV thread
  5. oh, I saw that and liked it. But I don`t think I would have the nerves of changing it every few weeks. lol As I don`t have a transparent agenda cover. :amuse:
  6. nice!!!!! loves it.
  7. Too cute! I love white MC :love:. I leave my MC items out to look at even when I'm not using them. You've given me ideas...
  8. Cute!
  9. Thats sweet!
  10. I love it, that's so cute!

    Hey, just found a way to pimp my schoolbooks :graucho:
  11. Their so cute.. I want some :yes:
  12. awww... that's really cute. LVoe it!!!
  13. Cute!!
  14. But I wonder if people will look at them and call fake on you!...
  15. I might be reading too much into this but do they sell transparent agenda covers (goes over the existing agenda)??? I haven't started using my Vernis agenda because I am afraid of scratching it. This would solve that problem so very quickly.