Look What I Learned To Do Today!!!

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  1. :yahoo: Hi Ladies! For anyone waiting for more photos of my new Indigo City and family, they won't be up until tomorrow. I live in a coastal city and sometimes the fog can roll in, and it did so today. I had gone to a store last night called the Beadstation to find some charms for my new bag, and decided to go back today when the fog came in. I have wholesale catalogs where I can buy everything under the sun, but it is nice to see things in person. I had admired some pretty heartshaped glass wrapped in 14kt gold and sterling silver, and today the gal who makes them was giving a class. The pink heart is the one I made in class today and the 2 others I purchased from her. I am going to make my bags pretty tonight and hopefully will have some sun tomorrow for photos!

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  2. oh these are cute! =)
  3. That's really pretty. And looks very complicated to make. Congrats.
  4. deana those are SUPER cute. i LOVE the glass hearts.

    i just got the coolest purse charms off of a store called minimoon.biz...and i was really pleased when they arrived. i am all about the charms lately since i don't have a BAG to decorate yet!!! and there are not enough cute ones out there!!!

    everyone should have purse charms! the pink is my fave!
  5. How fun!!!!! They are gorgeous!:smile: Perfect!

    I want some.....:shame:
  6. love the detail filigree on the beads, so cute:smile:
  7. deana- so beautiful. Let us know when you are ready to go!
  8. very nice!!
  9. I love the charms! Very creative and cute. :love:
  10. those are adorable!!

    I need one for every bag I own. how much are they?
  11. Lovely Deana! You're so creative!
  12. Deana, I love the pale pink heart you made, it is the proper carebear heart shape. What fun! I love to make stuff too. What kind of equipment do you need to make glass hearts with metal trim?
  13. Deana,
    you're so artistic! they are so cute~ =)
  14. WOW, what a talent!!! Can you make kitty shaped charms???
  15. Deana, I hate to shatter a girl's dreams, but the Box was only introduced in fall '05. ;)