Look What I Just Won!!!

  1. Lol yeah so much for my purse ban (mum...will...kill...me:Push: ).

    Hehehe I finally got something from the cerises line!!! :yahoo:
    Can't wait till it gets here!!!:love:
    auction 1.JPG cerises keychain.JPG
  2. It is so cute!!! Congratulations!!!
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. Ooooo. I have it too!!! Wait till you get it, your gonna love it!!!! It's so cute!!!! Congrats!
  5. Hehehe I'm so excited!!!:biggrin:
    What do you guys use your cles for???
    I'm thinking cards and cash for going out...
  6. Congrats! it's beautiful:love: You've great taste girlie :graucho: forget about purse ban!;)
  7. Aww shux thanks Lee69!!!:shame:
    I owe you a big thank you coz you always help me out when I'm trying to authenticate something, so you helped me make this purchase lol!!!

    As for the purse ban...mmm...I need to work on that one.:shocked:

    I figure if I don't buy ANYTHING else (such as food, clothes...shoes...heck even underwear) then I can spend my dosh on LV!!! I don't have to answer to anyone except of course my shopping conscience (a.k.a mum lol).
  8. congrats
  9. Congrats! I want one of those so bad!
  10. Congrats !! I love the cerises cles, they're so cute.
  11. That cles is adorable!! Congrats!!
  12. very very very cute!! =D

    ps. don't feel bad....after i bought a BH the other day ( after just buying a speedy 30 just a few weeks ago ) i put myself on a shopping ban too...then i went today,called 866 Vuitton and bought a Panda Murakami keychain..lol :blink:
  13. cute cute!
  14. Congrats! The Cerises cles is so adorable!
  15. Very cute...congrats!