Look what I just won!!!!!

  1. :yahoo:
    Lady Gres.jpg
  2. Very pretty- CONGRATS!
  3. Oooooo.....I love it!!! So feminine and great for summer.
  4. oooommmggg!
  5. ooooooooo
    Niceee!! Great color!
  6. Simply gorgeous! I just adore that shoe!
  7. gorgeous! congrats on the great buy =)
  8. Yummy! I was looking at those on eBay earlier today, glad a tPF gal got them
  9. Cute! Congrats.

  10. I agree, congrats!:tup:
  11. Love them!
  12. Is that your first pair Chins?? Remember and post modelling pics! xxx
  13. Very pretty! Great for spring and summer:yes:
  14. Beautiful shoes. Great color.
  15. Those are so pretty. :drool::drool::drool: Can't wait for modeling pics.