LOOK what I just ordered!!!

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  1. I love this bag!! I had Coach credit burning a whole in my pocket so I went for it. This is the khaki /pond, but it also comes in Khaki/chocolate, black/black and get this.....khaki/berry! I didnt order the khaki/berry cause I didnt know if it was the hot pink color or the berry like on the Carly from Japan. Jax said it was the dark purplish color but ya know how that goes. I'll have it in 4-5 days!!:yahoo:
    [​IMG]If your interrested its the Gallery Signature with patent trim tote. Item#11658;)
  2. oooo love it! so pretty! love the style of this tote, congrats! :tup:
  3. very pretty color choice!
  4. Nice
  5. Thanks CoachGirl12 and JKM and coachfreak!:tup:
  6. I love that tote!! I bet it will look GREAT on you!!!
  7. Kimmie that is SO CUTE! I love the blue patent for spring! And I am sure it will look fabulous on you . :yes: Can't wait for your pics!
  8. Ooh I love Gallery totes. Congrats! Thats a great summertime bag.
  9. YAY!!:yahoo: It's really pretty and I can'y wait for you to get it!!!

    Someone order the khaki/berry so I can see it ;)
  10. Im thinking of adding a few new accessories too. Do you like these together?
  11. So cute! I love the blue! I think that the Tattersall would be cute on it
  12. tooooo cute!!
  13. SO pretty - I'm in LOVE with the new gallery totes! And the colors sound SO gorgeous! Please post modeling pics when it comes, I'm curious how big this is!
  14. I saw this bag in Dillards and its absolutely beautiful...... I am a sucker for khaki/blue!!!!!!! Congrats! Post pics when you get it! I would love to see that barry too!
  15. :yes:I'll definetely post pics. I so want to see the berry color too but when I asked JAX to send me an e-mail of it she said they didnt have a pic. of it. So how did she know which color the berry was? :nogood: