Look what I just made!

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  1. Today I was at home doing an assignment due tomorrow and I was absolutely STARVING!!

    We had nothing in the house, no butter, milk or chocolate and I only had $0.13 in my bank!! :crybaby:

    So I scrounged around the pantry and found: powdered milk, sugar, an egg, ancient rice and some cinnamon.

    Put it all together and you get.........

    RICE PUDDING!!! Stodgy, sweet and filling, perfect for a starving student.

    Below are some photos!

    I am eating it right now and its really nice.
    rice pud 2.JPG rice pud 3.JPG
  2. Good on you, sounds yummy and it's really healthy too ;) Reminds me of my good old days back when I was at Uni.
  3. Thanks Lee69! It is healthy; lots of protein!

    Don't know about the 'good old uni days'...:weird:

    Maybe when I am out and have been working for a bit I will look back fondly!
  4. hehe looks good. im hungry now
  5. it looks good!!great invention!:smile:
  6. I love rice pudding!! mmmm hehe You are pretty resourceful with nothing in the house!
  7. Thanks Danica! I thought so too ;)
  8. Luckily my boyfriend brought home some shopping last night so I can go back to being lazy!
  9. hey...that looks sort of good! i wish i was creative and resourceful as you!
  10. i guess i'm hungry but i think you are a genius
  11. Alvie223... you are making me blush! :shame:

    I guess that Commercial Cookery subject I did in high-school to avoid actual exams paid off!
  12. u got some cooking talent here gal! Looks delicious!
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