Look what I just got!!

  1. Not exactly sure what it's called, but I believe the tag & box said classic bag with flap (the hardwear is gunmetal color, even thought the CCs look gold-ish in the phooto) and I think it's 2008 Cruise. I love it!! What do you all think? And, does anyone else have this bag because I haven't really seen it (wondering how it wears)... Thanks.
  2. Hi I have it I am trying make up my mind about it I think it's called walk of fame have you used it yet ? :smile:
  3. I like it too! I saw it in a smaller size in red in Oklahoma City...very lovely.
  4. yes it's from cruise .. it's a great size. looks like a great bag. have you used it yet?
  5. i got it yesterday and i carried it a bit last night and today. even thought it's lambskin i think it will wear really well because of the textured detail in the stitching. i had a water bottle, wallet, small zip puch with some hand creme and medicine, blackberry, keys, and some papers in it--with some room leftover. it is a great looking bag, because it will look great dressed up or with jeans and a tee. it comes in a smaller size too, but doesn't look like it would carry too much. also, i think it's really got a classic look to it with a bit of funk... so, AriB i would definitely keep it!
  6. That's pretty, I love the texture too. I think for lambskin this texture is a great choice.
  7. it was supposedly very hard to find in black (they had plenty of reds)... i haven't seen any other pics though in this forum... ladies, post yours if you have this bag!
  8. i love, love, love it. thanks loveisallaround.
  9. congrats on your bag x
  10. thank you. i wish i could carry it everyday! but, it's not suitable as a work bag (for me).
  11. i :love: this bag too ~ i'm sure i saw it in a lovely bright blue colour ~ congratulations!
  12. great bag congrats
  13. really--blue?? i would love to see pics of the blue (either from a catolog or modeling, please post).
  14. Thanks so you love it Congrats when you can post pic :smile: please