Look what I just got!!!! My new additions :-)

  1. Yesterday, my white City, Today, my anthracite paddy and LV MC wapity and tomorrow............. NOTHING! Im Broke! But I had to let my green apple first in the pic too. Its just so darn cute!:love:
  2. Nice haul!
  3. Aww, gorgeous:love: !!! You've been thoroughly bad, lol! So now that you've got all these bags all at once, which will you be using first/most?? :biggrin:
  4. All at the same time, if I can make it happen! No, actually Im using my paddy right now. LOVE IT!
  5. nice purchases! totally jealous on your shopping spree.
  6. Yeah the Paddy!!! Er, I was meaning to ask.. what is the wapity used for? Like, is it just a regular purse or what? What is it?? lol!
  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! The white B-bag is stunning!

    Note to self: "begin process of moping and whining to hubby in hopes of snagging another B-bag. This time - white".

    I just got my first one on Monday and already, just as all of you had predicted - I'M ADDICTED! :wacko:

    Enjoy them all! They are really beautiful!:love:
  8. I was wondering this same thing. What the heck is a wapity? A way too expensive change purse? Anyone?

    The bag collection is divine! I am not a Balenciaga fan, but that white is really a stunner! Might sway me the other way! And LOVE the Paddy! Congrats!
  9. For me its absolutely the perfect size for the makeup I take where ever I go. It has my powder compact, lip gloss, lip liner, a small pill box, and my little ones bandaids in it, with a little room to spair:nuts:
  10. Mmm city is beautifulll.
  11. Nice bags! The white city is a beauty, and as you say, the apple is sooo cute!
  12. ooo lovely! The bbags are really growing on me...this is bad
  13. beautiful.
  14. Ahh, I get it now, thanks! It's a "bits n pieces" purse:biggrin: . For all those little accessories floating around in a bag. Would not work as a makeup purse for me tho unless it's long enuf to house a rouge brush.;)
  15. Ooooh, that white city is beautiful (!!!!!!!). It looks gorgeous :love: Congrats, ranskimmie, they're all great! If you ever get tired of the city (and the wapity!) you know who to PM :amuse: :P
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