Look what I just got in the mail...:)

  1. I am sooo excited!!! I got these from eBay!! $49.99 for the wristlet and $25.00 for the skinny!! I'm in love!!! Great colors!!! :tup: :heart::yes:

    now I have to find a cute bag to match these for the summer/spring! any suggestions??
  2. very cute! love the colors! :]]
  3. I love that color! Congrats!!!
  4. aw so cute.. You can put them in any bags.. yay!!!
  5. beautiful!!!hmmm...you could kind of get away with those with the legacy stripe.
  6. yay!! I'm happy for you! I love them! congrats!
  7. Nice finds! Congrats!
  8. Very pretty! I like the pink silver combo!
  9. congrats! Beautiful!!! :tup: I think they would look good with any bag! :yes:
  10. very cute... I have the wristlet and I love it!!
  11. they are adorable, love anything in pink. Congrats
  12. Thanks!!! you all are so nice!! :yahoo:
  13. beauitful, congarats! they will be perfect for summer.
  14. Nice! I so love the lurex in this color combo.
  15. So cute! At the outlet on Friday there was a top handle pouch in the same color. :smile: It was adorable... cuter than the 10 year old whining about how she HAD to have it.