Look what I just got in an email about my jacket...

  1. Read the question! Go to the site if you want and look at the FAKES!

    They are asking me to sell them for them and make a profit off it?

    Never in my life would I have thought I would be asked that!
  2. I get loads of these when selling. I just ignore them.
  3. Sorry u cant really read it, it says...

    we are sole agent of louis vuitton in china .in order to reprove our reputation and enlarge our company.we are looking for the agent to sell our products on the ebay .and i belive that in this way .we can make much profit together.and also you can see the products in person through the webcam .and we servise you for 24 hours .we are honest to welcome you join us .please donot hesitate .the money is waiting for you Web: www.newlv.ful.cn MSN: cheo631@hotmail.com

    I responded with my USUAL hanging tag thing, my jacket is real, I dont buy/support fakes...ect...

    WTF!! Never in my life would I have thought I would be asked!
  4. I get a few of these each time I'm selling a designer item, too. I ignore them.
  5. I have gotten those before too, funny thing, they had just signed up that day and they were already "not a registered user". Ebay was that fast to put an end to them!
  6. Ugh, stupids !
  7. I have gotten a bunch too. The first one was sort of shocking, but after that I realize they just send out thousands of them.
  8. I got that same email this morning! I was like "Huh?"
  9. I get many every day when i sell on Ebay...just keep reporting them!!:mad:
  10. That is awful!
  11. Those are soooo annoying. I always get those solicitations when I'm selling. They are usually from ZERO feedback ebayers who are registered from somewhere in Asia. I always report their messages to ebay under a few different catagories (unsolicited commercial mail, attempt to do a transaction outside of ebay, question is unrelated to my auction, etc.) Then I block them! Sometimes, if they are particularly ridiculous, I write back telling them that nobody wants their garbage, what they're doing is a crime, and they should be ashamed to peddle countefeit merchandise. But more often than not, I'll just report them and soon after that they've been suspended from ebay.
  12. I got 33 when selling one item