Look what I just got from my SA.....TDF!!!!

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  1. My SA just emailed me this pic .......she just got this bag....I love it, but cannot buy one more bag this month......dying here....!!!! anyone interested, pm. me, it is $2750, the timeless flap in a yummy, luscious yellow.....Oh Well.....:heart:H

    Posting pics
    new chanel yellow bag.jpg
  2. The size is 11" East West, and 9" north south....:heart:H
  3. it's gorgeous! what a pretty color!!!!! (:

    i feel your pain, H...
  4. What a fabulous color!!! Thanks for sharing...
  5. Gorgeous color!
  6. wow! That's a nice colour
  7. lovely...thanks for posting~
  8. it's gorgeous, i would grab it for sure if i wasn't saving for my next purchase.
  9. What a summery colour!
  10. I've seen this in person during the trunkshow and it's very beautiful!!! If I wasn't on a bag ban this month (I'm on a 1 bag a month only limit), I'd get this one especially since it's perfect for the summer!