Look what I just bought!!!

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  1. The internet is dangerous....

    Found this gorgeous Dior clutch on Luxury-Zurich, and I just had to click it home.... :P

    LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Christian Dior, , Clutch

    Can't wait for it to arrive, it will be my first Dior :yahoo:
  2. It's gorgeous, love the color

  3. The color is beautiful, and what an interesting closing mechanism!
  4. it's gorgeous! very cute and the way it converts from a clutch to a tote is just brilliant. fantastic buy there!

    you gotta post pictures of it when you receive it. :yes:
  5. I dont want to freak you out but its the first time I'm hearing about this site...are you sure its genuine? If so, congrats and post pics when you get it!!!!
  6. apparently the site is authentic. my friend purchased a dior black ballet bag from them and the shipping was extremely fast (from switzerland to australia! and it was free also!)

    according to the feedback she heard from others who purchased from the site, the guy who runs it sells authentic hermes too. so there's not much to fret really. he sells on ebay too. (eBay Store - Luxury-Zurich: Bags, Clothing Woman, Shoes)

    p/s he has a pony fur cannage patterned boston bag right now going for $455, it's pretty nice!
  7. It is definetively authentic, I've bought a Hermes belt from them before and totally love it. Lots of tPF member have bought stuff there too...

    Can't wait for the Dior to arrive, just occured to me that this is similar (or the same?) to the Dior bag Carrie had in SATC... I'm so exicted :yahoo:
  8. beautiful piece...luv the color!!!
  9. Ooooh how unique, congrats ! :yes:
  10. pretty pretty little thing! love it. congrats!
  11. Thank you! I can't wait for it to arrive... The fed-ex shipping is really fast, the only downside is that we don't have fed-ex here in Norway, so the good old postal service takes over :crybaby:The last time I bought from them, the package took 2 days from Zurich to Oslo, and then 13 days from Oslo to my town... :censor:
  12. Just a little update, got an e-mail from them saying that the item won't be fed-exed, due to it's unusual size ;) But I will have it in a weeks time, jay :yahoo:

    Can't come at a more appropriate time, as I hand in my master thesis on Wednesday... Finally!! No more studies for me!!
  13. OH WOW! I just checked the link again and I just noticed how LARGE the clutch was (for some reason I didn't notice this the first time). I hope you receive your parcel soon!!!
  14. congrat's baggie girl!
    On the gorgeous baby and the end of your masters...

    I love the clutch and would love to see you carry it if you'd like to post pics...
  15. I'll try to post pics if I can... found a pic from SATC, where you can see the exact bag (I think? :smile:)