LOOK What I Just Bought! YaY!

  1. Hey Everyone! I'm so excited:yahoo: ! I went to the Dior Boutique in San Francisco yesterday and look what I bought!


    Its so much more beautiful in person. Now I'm thinking of getting the matching wallet.:graucho:
  2. The bag is very pretty & TDF!Congrats on ur new bag:smile:
  3. Very Cute! congrats on your bag. i love the color.
  4. Great bag!
  5. congrats!
  6. aaaw girl, she is gorgeous !:heart: :nuts: :drool: :nuts: :heart: modelling pics please let us see this beauty in action !
  7. Thanks for the comments girls:biggrin: ! I'll post some more pics later. Thanks!
  8. this is so so pretty! I love the colour :love:
    congrats!! :happydance:
  9. Congrats! What a beautiful bag!
  10. Eeeee! Pink! Enjoy your Lady bag! :nuts:
  11. Great bag!
  12. Such a nice shade of pink. TDF. Thanks for sharing, I'm so jealous. :drool:
  13. darling color! enjoy!
  14. ooooo...very pretty pink lady dior! good choice!
  15. Beautiful Lady Dior!!!!! Very Soft Color!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!