Look what I just bought on Ebay!!

  1. It's the smaller planner (3x5) but the size I wanted. Did BIN for $89! It has the 2007 calendar tho so I'm off to Coach to order the 2008.

  2. Nice! This is what I need for the new year...a planner. Very nice purchase!
  3. Cute!!
  4. that's cute!!!
    i need a new wallet!!
  5. tomorrow i'm off to the coach store to buy a planner.
    the 3x5 black leather turnlock. yay! :yahoo:
  6. I love that planner! Congrats on the great deal
  7. CUTE! Congrats! I have the larger one (6x8) in the orange-red stripe. I think the 3x5 size is more practical for everyday carry.
  8. Very cute; i like the stripe color. Question: do the coach planners accept all kinds of new inserts, like could I put my favorite planner inserts into a coach one? Do they have like, binder clips?
  9. It's so pretty! Congrats!
  10. Cute, Congrats!
  11. I'm not sure about binder clips. Mine is a spiral type. I know this place was mentioned here not long ago and you can personalize your planner.

  12. Very cute. I love my small planner.
  13. Loves it! I need one of those.
  14. I wonder if I need one of those!!! hmmmm!!!

    Very cute purchase!
  15. Gorgeous!I need one in pink lol