Look what I just BIN on ebay!

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  1. My first purple H kelly. I thought I'd try non neutrals for now. What do you think? I love that it's chevre too!:yahoo::nuts:

    from reseller let trade

  2. Wow, gorgeous! Love the color, love the leather! Great score, luxurylife!

  3. Thanks Katel.

  4. STUNNING!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Luxury!!!!!
  5. Beautiful shade of purple!
  6. I have been ogling that bag myself--is it a 28cm?
  7. Thanks shopmom. So excited my first chevre 28 kelly!!!:yahoo:

    [​IMG] Click on photo to enlarge! Photo# ( 3 & 4 )
  8. It is kelly 28. I love that it is small. I am getting tired of my 35's.:graucho:
  9. That Kelly is absolutely gorgeous!!
  10. Thanks lovehermes and elizabethk!

  11. Yeah! So it went to you!:nuts:
  12. That color is tdf. Congrats, luxurylife. :smile:
  13. Yes Mrssparkles! I read on authenticate thread that some gals are interested too (read your tips too)!Thanks for the tip too RE the picture w/ a note beside the kelly.:tup:
  14. Nice!

  15. FYI-i have a Violette 28cm Kelly(the official color) with PHW myself and its my FAVE!