Look What I helped my Sister Get!

  1. My family is very poor. We're all from a hick town in southern Missouri and no one with my last name has really done much to better themselves. I was the first Palmer to actually leave the state in God knows how long! My sisters however have gotten into the same rut and one of them is already married with a baby and is having an all around rough time.

    Well anyways I found out that that sister just loves Coach and I thought it would be great to help get her a Coach bag, since she never gets to have anything nice for herself, especially since she's had her first baby. So I told her to go to coach.com and pick something out and she thought I was BSing her but she went and loved this bag Coach - SIGNATURE STRIPE POUCH in chocolate! Not my taste personally but she just fell in love with it! So I offered to pay for about 75 percent of it (I'm poor too but much better off then she is right now) and right before I went to buy it I saw it on eBay so on a whim I bid and won it for 81 dollars for her! I'm just so excited at how excited she is to be getting her first Coach bag. She kept asking me up and down if it's real because she thinks fakes are gross. :p I don't know what it is but helping get someone I love something that they have always dreamed of having just feels better then ANYTHING. And her excitement just makes it all the better!
  2. Awww :smile: Good for you for helping her! I'm young, a nursing student, married and have a baby so I know about financial strains. Thankfully my husband is still able to spoil me a little and I get SOOOO excited when I get a new bag! I hope she enjoys it!
  3. Yeah she's been having a really rough time the past few months and I think this is just what she needed. I'm glad she actually let me DO it. Since I didn't pay for the whole thing I think that helped a lot. She's the only person in my family who appreciates purses so it's been a fun few days calling on the phone and gabbing about how awesome Coach is! :nuts:
  4. That's so great, and I relate well because I'm from a town like that! My sister loves designer purses but never buys herself any and is sort of tomboyish. I got her this really cute Kate Spade for her birthday, I think i'm more excited about giving it to her than she will be recieving it!
  5. That is very sweet of you! I'm sure it is something special that she will treasure!
  6. That is great! Even better to get it a little bit cheeper! Tell your sis Congrats on her first Coach!
  7. That's awesome! What a nice and thoughtful sister you are :smile:
  8. You're a wonderful big sister! I'm sure she'll enjoy it.
  9. That is so nice of you! Congrats on finding a deal. I'm sure your sister will love it!
  10. That's so nice of you, what a great sister you are.
  11. That's great, I am sure she will love the bag, good deal too. You seem like a good sis too.
  12. Awe - what a good sister! You are lucky to have each other!
  13. That's really nice of you candypalmer! I'm glad that you guys help each other out even in the most troubling of times.
  14. that is so sweet of you and im glad you got a good deal on the bag.
  15. Well we're only just getting close. Growing up she was the perfect blonde popular bimbo who was friends with the people who use to beat me up in school. :rolleyes: But she's really made up for it the past few years so I'm making an effort to try to get closer to her.