Look what I got!!!

  1. I just wanted to share pictures of My Legacy Shoulder Bag in Pond.
    I really love it. At first I was not sure of the color but then it kind of
    grew on me. I wear alot of earth tone colors (camel, brown and grey)
    This handbag looks so beautiful with Brown. I really love it.:yes:
  2. Love it! Glad you are so happy about it! Congrats! I have the whiskey shoulder and love the leather! :yes:
  3. Beautiful! I too have the whiskey and am just loving the leather and have been very happy with it.
    Congrats (like the lips charm too)
  4. Congrats! Pond is a gorgeous color.
  5. Yeah, another pondie! I love my pond bag! Such a beautiful color!
  6. it's beautiful Liz...congrats and enjoy it!!!!
  7. the color is gorgeous!! congrats!! :biggrin:
  8. Absolutely beautiful. Congrats! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats! That bag is really pretty!
  10. Very cute! You're right, I'll bet it does look gorgeous with brown. :smile:
  11. Oh my that is so pretty, I love how you attached the lips charm, its so cute!
  12. Oh I love the colour, congrats!
  13. LOVE IT! That's it, I don't care if I already have 2 of them, I really think I'm getting this bag too . . .

    Congrats (and thanks for sealing the deal on my current obsession with this bag)!
  14. Love the color and the lips!
  15. Pretty! Congrats!