Look what I got!

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  1. I just received the Med. Betty in whiskey at about 75% off the 1800 price! I bought it from an super nice seller on ebay and it's definitely authentic (she sent the receipt) and the leather is TDF!

    So happy to get such a great deal! :yahoo:
  2. I just love a good deal! That light blue Chloe is beautiful. Is it the jeans moyen (sp?)?
  3. Beautiful. What a steal!
  4. Yes, it's the blue jeans moyen. Sadly, I'm selling it. :crybaby:
  5. really ive been looking for one for ages, where will you be selling it and how much for?
  6. ^^^ probably on ebay..

    But she can't advertise it on this board... tPF rules state no promoting your own auctions :yes:

    back to topic: congrats on your betty!!!!!
  7. I love that bag! And snaps for the amazing deal!
  8. Thanks, girlfriend! I'm close to loving Betty more than the Paddy! This is my first one and I wish I hadn't waited so long to check this style out.
  9. Nice!
  10. It's nice! And what a sweet deal, congrats!
  11. COOL!!! 75% off~~ Great deal :nuts:
  12. Wow what a great deal..!! Congrats! :flowers: You have gorgeous collection, they're all beautiful!
  13. Thanks, going to pick up my Mastic Paddy today. Can't wait! I was patient enough to get a pretty good deal on one...600 off retail. It still put a dent in my wallet, but I couldn't resist this color!

    Chloe bags are so addictive!
  14. Congrats bagluvah! I have the betty in whiskey (same size) but mine was nowhere near that good a deal! The betty is underestimated IMO, but then I'm biased - her leather has withstood beautifully (not a mark or scuff) being owned by someone who has a 1 year old girl!
  15. Congrats - on the new bag and great deal!!!