Look what I got!

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  1. I went out today planning to buy the LV motard pouchette... and I didn't love it in real life. But what I did love was this bag from Chanel! :love:

    I've included a pic of it next to my metallic flap. This new bag is about the same size as a jumbo but shaped slightly differently... it looks huge next to the medium flap! I'm thrilled with how spacious it is.

    Oops, here are the pics

    Ooops... I meant to post this in Chanel! Can a mod close this thread for me?


    After accidentally making this same post in the chloe forum:shame:...

    Here's my new chanel! I had gone out today intending to buy the LV motard pochette, but I didn't love it in real life. And then I went to BG and saw this and LOVED it! And the price was right too.:tup:

    I included a pic of it next to my medium metallic flap for size reference. It's a nice big bag... about the same size as a jumbo (according to the SA) but shaped slightly differently. And the strap has to be worn doubled.

    I hope you like!:heart:
    chanel 005.JPG chanel 007.JPG chanel 005.JPG chanel 007.JPG
  2. What a lovely Chanel, well 2 lovely Chanels in fact.
  3. Hehehe I was wondering why it was here.... It is lovely regardless!
  4. Lovely bag, Congrats:tup:....does not matter Chloe or not!
  5. Your excited and you have a new bag!! Works for me!!
  6. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Ooo - that's the melrose flap. I have the same one but in the smaller size. I think you made the right call in buying the jumbo because it looks much nicer in that size. Enjoy.
  8. Congrats! I also have this bag and it's awesome. The size is perfect! People are always doing a double take when they see my bag.
  9. Pretty..congrats!
  10. lovely! :tup:
  11. i like! :love: & your reissue is gorgeous too!
  12. Wheee, congratulations! I too got this bag last night at the Saks sale after agonizing for an entire week, and I like it MUCH better than the LV Motard. It is so distinctive, and the back of the bag is just as lovely as the front. LOVE IT :love:
  13. Great bag! Congrats.
  14. What a beauty she is. Love this.

  15. Gorgeous bag! Congrats.