Look what I got...

  1. and on sale! The punch signature stripe mini skinny for $31.50 at Macy's. I think I'll save it and give it as a gift. I had no idea these were still around?


    Macy's actually had a whole slew of mini skinnies (patchwork, scribble, black and brown mini sig) all at 25% off.
  2. Wow! What a great find and a great price! You're right - there aren't many of those around anymore.
  3. Very cool, I have that. I love punch stuff! Nice purchase. :smile:
  4. So cute! Those are hard to come by! Did they have any of the vermilion stripe?
  5. Not that I saw, but you might check your local store. This was the only signature stripe one in the pile I went through.
  6. so cute and what a deal. congrats.
  7. you can get great coach stuff on sale...amazing hu...
  8. Woo! So Cute!
  9. omigosh! there's a sale at macy's?! i have a $25 macy's giftcard that's been sitting in my wallet since christmas. aaaah, i'm so hitting the mall after work in an hour! thanks so much!!! :smile:
  10. Wow! Great buy! I love the color!
  11. Yum punch! It's such a fun and cheery color.
  12. What a GREAT find! i love the hot pink! congrats!

  13. Cute! I might have to head over to Macy's. That's a great price!
  14. Great find! Love the color!!
  15. Wow, it's so cute!! Love it!!