Look What I Got!!

  1. I've been going back and forth about which tote I wanted. So, I went to NM today and this is what I got. I hope ya'll like it! By the way, that's DD modeling the bag for me, I hate taking pics.
    chaneltote.jpg alookinside.jpg bottomlook.jpg modeling.jpg
  2. I LIKE IT!! never seen this bag before, what is the name of this bag? and how much was it?
  3. Oh I like it! It would make such a great school bag... haha now I want it! Great purchase~!!
  4. I really like this tote! I'd love to know the name/price too, because I've yet to see it :smile:

  5. Sleek and very practical- good pick!:yes:
  6. O:huh:oh! thats cute, ive never seen that before!!! maybe i should get that one instead of the GST/PST. i like the size of it! it looks like it can fit a lot! congrats =)
  7. Great pick! Never seen this bag before.
  8. I have no clue what the name of it is, I've been trying to figure it out myself. Hopefully someone can give me a clue. I've seen it at several NM stores and in the Chanel Boutique in Dallas. It was calling my name! Price, $1395.
  9. what other neiman stores have you seen it at? It's really nice. good buy
  10. Yes, give us more details! Which ligne is it from? what is the material? price? I think the Chanel Gods heard my prayer for a perfect laptop bag--I may have this and the paris biarritz to choose from!
  11. Is it leather or coated canvas? if leather, what type? thanks!:love:
  12. I have seen it in both Neiman's and Saks down in Miami, it comes in at least two sizes, the leather is open weaved, and I have seen it in white, black and beige.......drooling over the white one!!!!!!
  13. beautiful bag!! a great modern twist on the classic totes, love it!

    and DD is gorgeous!
  14. holy, it is so gorgeous, i bet the white one is hot
  15. I should have described it as perforated, almost mesh leather., it is gorgeous!
    Congratulations on a great choice!!!