look what I got tonight!!

  1. I stopped by my coach store tonight and I was looking for a cute charm for my bag and I left with those one it looks so cute!! Plus I love getting things with the breast cancer charm on it..



  2. That looks so great with your Carly and it is for a great cause! :tup:
  3. Awesome find!! Congrats!
  4. Very cute.. looks so great against your Chocolate Carly.. yummy!!! :drool:
  5. That looks really pretty against the Chocolate Carly!
  6. thanks everyone I really have been eyeing this charm for awhile and I finally decided to go get it, I didnt know that the other side of the heart was that pruple/pink glitter color its really pretty.
  7. That looks really cute against the chocolate! You're all set for Valetine's Day!
  8. ADORABLE!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  9. I agree, it does look great against the chocolate carly. Very nice!
  10. I have that one! I love it. It dresses up any bag and looks so cute. Can't go wrong with supporting a cause too!
  11. Wow! Never seen this charm before!

    It looks great on your bag!
  12. That looks great with that Chocolate Carly!!
  13. thanks everyone:love::heart:
  14. I can't see your picture! I posted a question about this earlier, but haven't gotten a response so I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask technical questions! I have a mac and am using firefox (if that has anything to do with it). I can always see attachments and but not always pictures that are embedded in the text. Am I doing something wrong? :shrugs: TIA!
  15. It's lovely.