Look what I got today!

  1. My biggest Louis ever! More to come....
    IMG_2947.jpg IMG_2949.jpg IMG_2951.jpg IMG_2954.jpg IMG_2955.jpg
  2. more photos...
    IMG_2957.jpg IMG_2960.jpg IMG_2961.jpg IMG_2963.jpg IMG_2956.jpg
  3. congrats! looks like you're ready to travel! :smile:
  4. Waiting for more pics... :yahoo:
  5. My small family photo and how I store my new Carryall so no one notice that I bought it!

    It was actually embarressing today walking with a big bag!
    IMG_2964.jpg IMG_2967.jpg IMG_2969.jpg
  6. Congrats on the new Carryall! :drool:
  7. Its SO gorgeous!!!!
    Loves it!! Love love love your speedy in damier too... If U ever tired of it just send it to me :wlae:
  8. Hi:nuts:
    This is a great bag! I actually like the two straps across over the bag. I wish LV will create that on Speedy 30 or 25 as well. :heart:


  9. Hmmm... hmmm.... hmmmm.... hmmmm.... sorry, mate. Tough luck!:rolleyes: I love my Louis... I'll pass it down to my children and grand children!
  10. Thanks guys/gals!

    I choice the Carryall over the Keppall and other non-trolley luggage is because it's more structured and flexible in a sense that I can take it to the gym/yoga as well!

    And oh! The dust cover is so huge that I can convert it to a PILLOW COVER!!! Or maybe hide myself in it!
  11. Fabulous... i just love it!:love:
  12. congrats:drool:
  13. congrate...!!!!!
  14. Wonderful bag, gongrats!
  15. Congrats.
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