Look what I got today

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  1. I am so in love, the leather is so thick and yummy and I love the domed shape.

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  2. Love it! I have been one wanting one of these forever! Can you please post a modeling pic?

    Congrats on a gorgeous bag!
  3. Thank you, I will shortly.
  4. I LOVE it!!! Love it, love it! Congratulations!!!:yahoo:
  5. Beautiful gorgeous bag....love the color. Congrats!!!:P
  6. Great color! Congrats!
  7. so awesome, congrats!
  8. Great bag, I had one in red, and the leather is wonderful. Congratulations!!
  9. LOVE it!!! Yes, we want modeling pics!
  10. Beautiful Edith! I love the style and color. Congrats!!
  11. Thanks everyone:biggrin:
  12. that is sooo nice!. I have recently seen this style in both muscat and in red. I want one too!
  13. I don't often post on the Chloe forum (my Chloes being quite old now - though still going strong)

    Just had to say I :heart: your new bag, congratulations momofgirls
  14. ditto!
  15. I used to have same exact bag and color - my favorite of all chloe colors!!! congrats - I no longer have my bowler - downsized to the loaf version of edith in this color, and still love edith - congrats!!!