Look what I got today!

  1. Yeah, today the fedEx guy delivered my new red groom agenda! I am so happy! I love it! I had to call the 1866 because my store did not have it! I also got a cute thing from Karen kooper, the nail polish that Louis Vuitton released. I love it! :heart: :heart:
    100406_16511.jpg 100406_16521.jpg
  2. Congrats and enjoy... the nail polish- love it-
  3. LOVE IT!!!:love:
  4. thank you guys!
  5. I love the Agenda Groom! :love: And the Nail polish is hot! I love these nail polish rich dark colors, are you really going to use it?:nuts:
  6. Cute stuff, I love the nail polish! :smile:
  7. LOL! You know I was actually thinking about it! I was debating whether or not I was going to use it! I think maybe once, and then just leave there! The colors are so rich though! I think I am just going to have it there and look at it!
  8. Congrat's your agenda is so cute!
  9. Love the Groom and the Nail Polish :yahoo:

    Does LV sell Nail Polish? I've never seen it before. It has to be rare b/c I've never seen it. Is it possible to get that ?

    Very, very :supacool: cool
  10. Cute! Congrats.
  11. I just tried looking for this on eLuxury and I couldn't find it :sad:

    What colours are the nail polish btw ? ;)

    I want it so bad ! :love: Where can I get this ? :heart: :confused1: :heart:
  12. I think the polish was a VIP gift.
  13. Cool, I didn't know LV had nailpolishes
  14. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Yup, the nail polish were a VIP gift. I was gifted one set back in Singapore prob 2-3 yrs back when I went 'mad' buying all the cherry blossom stuff! They're really cute!

    Congrats on your purchases!!
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