Look What I Got Today !!

  1. I should say , look what my husband bought me today ! he's crazy...we went to LV store today and i wasn't going to buy anything but he saw the light blue L'Ingenieux and insisted I buy it :nuts:
    for some reason, he's obessed with the Suhali leather range, he thinks its a stunning design thats going to last for a long long time so he insisted that I buy it hehehhe...............so now I have a new addition to my Suhali leather collection :shame:
    what a happy day for me :amuse:
    new bag.JPG LV-Blue.JPE
  2. congrats!! its gorgeous :love::love: I think the Suhali line is so classy :lol::lol:.
  3. lucky you! :smile:
  4. Love that color! It's TDF! Grats!!!!!
  5. Great purchase..I adore the suhali range:love:
  6. You are so lucky! What a great hubby!
  7. OMG :nuts: Your husband has excellent taste. I love it :love: Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous !! Congrats!!!!
  9. I LOVE that your husband insists on a LV bag. So in the minority. Most men I know, including my boyfriend, think LV bags are ugly. Although I can't complain, he did buy me the Manhattan GM. Ahhhh, what you do for love=)
  10. Congratulations! The color's beautiful. Your husband has exquisite taste.
  11. awwww so pretty! I want one so bad!
  12. yes...my husband is obessed with LV bags, the first LV he gave me was a blue epi ! i am a lucky girl :shame:
  13. Those Are Gorgeous!
  14. Congrats! I love blue Suhali :smile:
  15. Congrats! That's such a beautiful color.
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