Look what I got today

  1. Very nice and cute dog!
  2. Nice bags!!!!!! Congrats on your purchases..cute dog btw!
  3. congrats!
  4. Great bags, love that Gucci:love: Congratulations!
  5. cuteeee dog! congrats!
  6. Love the bag and the dog :smile:
  7. wow ur collection is really growing fast congrats!!! You have some great staples in there!
  8. love the princy line. congrats.
  9. Nice!!!

  10. Gorgeous :smile:
  11. Very pretty - congrats!
  12. congrats and your doggie is soooo cute! :love:
  13. Nice bags.I was thinking about the gucci monogram hobo you have in the back. It's on the website and so reasonably priced. I just ordered the silver guccisima wallet but its on back order for one month :sad:
  14. your dog, I cant get over how adorable your dog is!!!