Look what I got today!!! MAJOR SHINE!!!

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    All of a sudden I decided I needed to go shopping today...:shrugs: I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, so I wanted to get something for myself. One of the first stops? LV, of course!

    I browsed a little but didn't see anything I liked at first. But then THIS caught my eye!!! Apparently, today is the official launch of this piece (at least that's what my SA told me!). I just had to have it!!!! I love how shiny it is (the pics were taken without flash, so it looks a little dark-ish. But the color is a true SHINY, SHINY, SHINY gold)! It will definitely make my planning a little more fun! LOL I also got these two postcards (well, the first one is a receipt holder but the second one is the actual card). I remember one of tPF members said she got hers from LV store, so I decided to ask for it (how sad is that? LOL - but they're so cute!!!) and I got one! :yahoo:

    The agenda comes in metallic gold and silver but it needs new paper. The paper is actually bound (the agenda doesn't have the rings to hold the paper anymore. It has one single bar - like Hermes agendas), which I think is much neater!

    All I need now is a gold pen! LOL But that's for my next trip to LV...;)

    Enjoy the pics!
    Gold agenda 1.1.JPG Gold agenda 2.1.JPG Gold agenda 3.1.JPG Gold agenda 6.1.JPG Postcards.1.JPG
  2. I LOVE the clasp and little LVs on the edges. :heart::heart::heart: SOOO cute!
    Gold agenda 4.1.JPG Gold agenda 5.1.JPG Gold agenda 7.1.JPG
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats! :smile:
  4. Gorgeous!! I love metallics!
  5. ^^^Thank you!!!!
  6. WOW! That's gorgeous! Congrats!! :tup:
  7. Wow its so beautiful is this piece a LE piece as well? Do you mind me asking you how much this costs?
  8. WOW - thats beautiful!
    Congrats and enjoy :smile:
  9. Wow I love it!
    I would have defently got the gold over the silver as well!

  10. Not sure if this is LE... I know they have Lockit bags and wallets in metallic gold and silver (which are readily available at my local store) and now agendas. Maybe someone else knows if this is going to be their permanent line?

    The agenda was $410 and the paper was $77 (or something like that). Both are very pricy but I figured that if I'm going to use them every day, I might as well splurge! :yes:
  11. wow that is stunning!!! CONGRATS!!!
  12. What a beautiful agenda... congrats on your new purchase! :smile: I am sure you will love it for many years to come.. :smile:
  13. that's just stunning. Do they have them in silver? and the post cards are cute...wait is that post card or receipt holder?
  14. Love It!
  15. Congrats :nuts: