Look what I got today... A black city 08

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  1. Well I have been wanting a black city for quite awhile now but I have not been able to afford it. Then I sold my naturel brief ggh and bought a (very) preloved black 06 city. I loved the color and the style but just not that particular bag. So I sold it to the same girl who bought the brief as she immediately fell in love with it when she picked up the brief.

    Instead I decided to order a brand new city but Holly Golightly (the only b-bag selling boutique in DK) didn't have any left. So I decided to order from The Corner Berlin. I talked to a really sweet SA (Verena) and she picked one for me and shipped it right away.
    Today (less that 48 hours later) I picked it up at UPS. Even though it is really distressed and not jet black it has really thick leather (at least I think so but I only have broken in bags to compare with) and is already very soft (perhaps because it is agneau). Only problem I keep wondering if I should have waited and gotten one with GGH instead...

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  2. So gorgeous...I think she's definitely a keeper! Maybe if you are still really wanting the GGH you could eventually get a Black GGH PT or Work to add to your collection, but that leather is too beautiful to let go of!
  3. Classic! :tup: It's beautiful, congrats!
  4. Great bag! The black city is a classic and I like the leather on yours! It has enough veins to give it character, but not too many. I bet it looks even more fantastic as it breaks in. Congrats!
  5. Yeah I also think it is a keeper and I love the leather. The other bags are probably going to be to big for me, even though I adore the PT. But I am thinking about a coinpurse or perhaps a clutch (money is unfortunatly an issue as I am studying).
  6. Thanks Jira and Wander. - I also love the veins and the distressing...

    BTW does anyone if the agneau leather is as sturdy and lasting as the chevre?
  7. This looks perfect! I don´t think you should have waited and gotten a giant......this is a classic and you will love her forever!!!!

  8. Very gorgeous! Congrats!!
  9. Congrats.:yahoo: You can't go wrong with a Black City.:tup:
  10. congratulations!! the leather looks really fantastic and you can't go wrong with a classic black city
  11. Thanks girls! I am also falling more and more in love with the bag.
  12. Gorgeous leather!!! Your city and my Work look like sisters!!:tup:
  13. Uh I would LOVE to see pics of your wonderful work!
  14. Ooohhhh, a Black GGH Clutch would be so hot! Even if you can't get another bag now, at least you can rest easy knowing that Black should still be fairly easy to find later on!
  15. gorgeous, congrats!