look what i got!!! python gold spy

  1. i can't believe it after waiting for a month for the my SA to search the whole world for a python spy bag brand new, finally she did. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::p
    here are some pictures that i wanted to share with you guys. but iam now thinking of getting a tulle coutre spy bag in blue or purple anyone know where i could get one from. but totally loving my python spy:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: its just beautiful. if anyone else has an python spy show me.
    3c44re2.jpg 1ecere2.jpg 8dcbre2.jpg d3fdre2.jpg
  2. and here's my turcoise/gold hologram spy, which i love :tup::tup:...:tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
    35d2_1.jpg 347c_1.jpg 3669_1.jpg
  3. and do u wanna see pictures of my silver/ gold metallic spy:yes::yes::yes::yes::yahoo::yahoo:;)
    6ea0_1.jpg 6ee4_1.jpg 6f25_1.jpg 6f72_1.jpg
  4. :wtf: :wtf: whoaaaa!! :nuts: Congratulations! I'm glad you got it after waiting a month, it must have been exciting. I LOVE the other two, especially the hologram.. Do you have any others? I'm not sure *where* you could get the tulle besides asking your SA to search the world again, but someone else on here might know. I haven't seen what the blue one looks like, but the purple is pretty..Saich has one (there should be pics on the next page) . I hope you can get one!
  5. kneehighz, heres the blue tulle coutre, that is impossible to find. but i like your denim squirral spy how much did you pay?by the way my name is nazi, and 17 here. i want the same one as Mischa.
    45.jpg 738.jpg mischa91.jpg barton-romeshopping3.jpg
  6. hey guys have you seen the Zagliani bags yet, i recieved my one today from harvey nichols:yahoo::yahoo:let me tell u guys i am loving it. just beautiful. go out there and buy it 1250 pounds but 2500 dollars.trust me you would love this bag. but not as much as an fendi python spy.....lol
    6ecc_1.jpg 16e1_1.jpg b657_1.jpg e93d_1.jpg 96289968_f69e8b60c3.jpg
  7. Omg.!!! I Love The Gold Python Bag...you Are Soo Lucky To Find It..congrats..
    Do U Mind Sharing With Us How Much?? It's Gorgeous!!
  8. Search for the purple tulle. Saich got one recently.

  9. I haven't seen one of these IRL before. The shape seems to be different from the regular spy. Your gold spy is very bling bling by the way!
  10. Congrats, very eyecatching.
  11. it was 3285 pounds but worth every penny...lol, but know i am looking for these bags if anyone knows where i could find them just tell me, i would be soo happy:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:, which one of these bags any way do you guys think looks the best?
    00018cyw.jpg 135_3536.JPG ulimate.jpg asequin.jpg 488654994_739844faa9.jpg

  12. wait i saw that as an eBay auction...just asking...are you selling it, or did you win it?
  13. Oh I thought that was the purple! Lit, is that a purple or blue in your list? Either it's a shade difference because of lighting or that's a blue, Saich's does look different. The squirrel is selling for different prices everywhere, Saks has it for $3090, but I got mine at joma for $1515 (or something above 1500-can't remember exactly how much). At that price I just HAD to, it'd be crazy NOT to!! As for the Zagliani, its too bright for me, actually so is the spy but the spy is prettier in my opinion...partial to spys:love:
    spy 019wtrkmk.JPG squirrel 002 (Large).jpg squirrel3.JPG 0431067657652_275x275.jpg
  14. I LOVE the third one...it's just a piece of art. The colors make me feel happy:heart: I haven't seen one in real life so I don't know if I would use it, but if I had all the money in the world I'd get it just because its beautiful. Otherwise I like the brown sequined one- would definately use it. I'm not too crazy about the white one, not something I personally would get. The purple tulle and Russian are pretty too, I wouldn't get the Russian because I have a blueberry.

    Oh, and Mehrnaz, if you ever think you don't want your hologram anymore..SELL IT TO ME!!! lol. (please?) Also the third one...if you ever get it and then for some reason think it'd be better off with me..I'm always available.:graucho:
  15. Wow, I love the gold python and hologram! Take it from a girl who only gets (mostly!) black or choco brown bags...these are seriously TDF!! congrats and enjoy those beauties!