Look What I Got Out At The Outlets Today!!! Brass Keychain!!!

  1. :heart:Hi, girls!!! I have been looking for an antique BRASS keychain to attach to my new black leather legacy shoulder bag! I found one today at my local Coach outlet...and it's in the shape of a heart!!!! I am a TOTAL :heart:HEART:heart:FREAK!!! Anything in the shape of a HEART, I HAVE TO HAVE!!! So, to me, it was a BONUS that this has antique brass hardware! Some of you may already have seen this at your outlets, but I wanted to show you mine! I will also post pics when hubby give me my new legacy shoulder bag in EXACTLY ONE WEEK from today!!!! LOL... ENJOY!!! :heart:

  2. That is really cute ! I totally share the love of heart shaped things with you !
  3. I love that keychain!
  4. That's cute! Congrats!
  5. Love that! Seeing everyone's great finds makes me wish even more that there was a Coach outlet around where I live. :sad: Looks like I'll just have to keep relying on eBay in the meantime ...

    Can't wait to see pics of your new legacy!!
  6. That is just adorable! I love it!
  7. I love it!!! Congrats
  8. very cute!! I have a few apple key fobs and I love them!! easy to find in the valet closet. which outlet do you go to?
  9. Very Classic
  10. Thanks, girls!!
    I live on Long Island, NY, so I go to the Tanger Outlet in Riverhead, NY. Hubby and I took the kids to Splish Splash Water Park today which is right near the outlets, so after the water park we went directly there!
  11. It's GORGEOUS!!!!
  12. Thanks, Voodoo!!!!!!!!!
  13. cute, congrats!
  14. I saw that at the outlet today as well! Congrats! It's a beauty!:tup:
  15. It's super cute -- congrats!