look what i got!! new wristlet!!

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  1. so well after contemplating about the patent skinny, i just got this one instead at macy's :yes: and oh, i'm moving to michigan tomorrow, lonely but excited all at once :crybaby::nuts: here it is: i have to recharge my digicam batt but i kept it already so i'll grab the pic from macy's, tell me what you think:
    Macy*s - COACH - COACH HAMPTONS SIGNATURE SMALL WRISTLET but the one that i have is in DENIM
  2. congratulations!
  3. So cute! Congrats!

    Good luck with your move too!
  4. thank you willowsmom :love:
  5. Congratulations.
  6. I need me some denim!

    Safe travels tomorrow :choochoo:
  7. thank you everyone!! TPF really contributed to my very 1st addiction!!! esp with COACH! i looooove it!!!!:yahoo:
  8. Nice choice! Very cute! Good luck with your move too!
  9. oh wow, thanks everyone you all are so sweet:heart:
  10. Very cute, almost makes me want to get my first wristlet!
  11. yeah, actually it is cute!!! and handy too!!!!
  12. Congrats!! Very cute wristlet! Hmmm....maybe just a wristlet I really like the pink scarf one! LOL No NO Must stop:sos:
  13. haha!!!! i know my hubby's gonna shoot me!!!
  14. Where in MI??? I am 20 miles west of detroit and about 20 miles east of ann arbor.

    I like your wristlet
  15. thank you at lansing let's meet!!! haha! my apartment is like right across lansing mall