Look what I got in TK Maxx - Ralph Lauren shoes

  1. I found these today at TK Maxx.
    They are abosultely gorgeous :heart: - powdery-pink suede, I just loved them when I saw them and.. £35 instead of £145. Here they are :
    Ralph Lauren.jpg Ralph Lauren1.jpg Ralph Lauren2.jpg
  2. TJ maxx is SOOOOOOO much better in the UK than in the states!!! Those are so CUTE!! Love the color!
  3. Beautiful purchase! I never get that lucky here.
  4. Wow! Those are gorgeous! Great find, in NY we barely ever get good designer finds there. Which is odd, because that's were there are countless numbers of boutiques and runway shows.
  5. Those a really cute, and a perfect height. I swear that the "Maxx" corporation is sending all their good stuff to the UK now! I haven't had much luck in my local TJ's, which sucks because I used to be able to find GREAT stuff there... :crybaby:
  6. Great find! Love them!
  7. Those are gorgeous!
  8. Very cute and love the color!
  9. Classic!
  10. very cute!!
  11. Thanks everone ;)
  12. Soooo cute!! congrats :smile:
  13. Those shoes are gorgeous! Great find!
  14. Very feminine!
  15. So cute! Congrats!