Look what I got in the mail today...

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  1. It's the MAB in Night! I took a pic of it outside so you could see what it looks like in sunlight and took a few pics inside as well (just posting one unless you all want more, lol) The leather is definitely smooshy and soft.

    There is one problem though...I don't know if I should keep it or not : / It is a beautiful bag, but I am sure I will never use all that space. Plus, I bought a Coach Carly like 2 weeks before I bought this one and I feel bad for the Carly (I'm such a dork - I know I could rotate them, but for some reason I never rotate bags well) because I don't want to neglect her. And do I really need 2 black bags with gold hardware? And two expensive bags at that? I had a feeling I would feel this way once it arrived:hrmm: Anyway, enjoy the pics!

  2. Wow, that leather is gorgeous:drool:!! I say sorry Carly, MAB is the new arm candy for you.:upsidedown:
  3. I agree with tatertot! Bye bye Carly!

    This bag is beautiful and IMO the quality holds up better than most of teh coach bags i have. I love it! Congrats! Let us know if you decide to keep it ;)
  4. Keep the MAB is gorgeous!
  5. Stunning color!!!
  6. I ordered the MAB in Night and canceled it the next day...Today, I ordered it again...cuz I know I will regret it....I can't let it go...so I would say keep it...
  7. One more thing I want to add....I love Coach too but I guess I was with it too long...wanted something else for a change, so I would keep the RM...

    Maybe this will help: How many Coach do you have? How many RMs do you have? If this would be your first RM, keep it.
  8. get a MAM...Then, you don't have to worry about filling the space..
  9. Well, I have 4 Coach's right now, but I am selling all but 2 of them and this is my first RM. Decisions, decisions!
  10. Keep the MAB! The MAB style IMO will always be a classic.
  11. looks really soft and supple. you can never go wrong with an RM! i vote to: keep it!!
  12. Beautiful!
  13. sooo pretty I love it
  14. oh my...I tried it on using a strap from one of my old DB bags and I think I do love it : ) The DB strap is about the same length as what they say the Elisha strap measurements are (38") and it looked/felt good across the body. Then I tried to see what it might look like with the hobo strap on it by using the same DB strap and just clipping one side to the bag and then holding the other side at the 14" point. I liked that look too...so I suppose I'll be ordering at least the Hobo strap (must get both at some point) and selling poor Carly. I can't keep both and the RM is more versatile with all the carrying options. Leave it up to me to like the more expensive bag!
  15. ^^^yeh!! You are keeping the RM.