Look what i got in the mail today!!!!

  1. Hey Everyone~
    I just received this patent miu miu bag today, and was wondering what some of you think of this bag? is it a good buy or no?
    Thanks in advance ;)

  2. Oh I love this one - modeling pics?
  3. thanks~ don't have them yet, but if you like i'll post them later
  4. It's so beautiful!!! I love black patent leather. It's so easy to match. I would like to see the proportions on you though. Congrats on this purchase!
  5. arhh its pretty can it be worn over the shoulder????

    I'm still deciding which miu miu bag to get, i really like the style
  6. LOVE IT! :love:
  7. Congrats
  8. It looks very nice to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. looks great and lets see modelling pics..:tup:
  10. Love it - modeling pics needed...
  11. i got the same style but in brown leather. perfect to match w almost everything.. :smile:
  12. loves it! i have the same one in camello(tan) w silver hardware from 2007!! this bag is definitely a keeper! and your patent version is definitely a much better option than my nappa one..it's so much easier to take care off! it's just so difficult to keep rain/water stain off my nappa leather!
  13. looks great!!! am looking forward to modelling pics too!
  14. Very nice- congrats!
  15. Congratulations!