Look what I got in the mail today...my very first Bal bag

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  1. I have this exact bag and I adore it. Aside from my "basher Bals" it is the Balenciaga that I baby the least, extremely durable and capable of taking a rain shower or a blob of chocolate sauce and wiping right off! Every Bal (heck, every bag) is susceptible to corner wear, though unless you drag your bag along sandpaper I'd say this one has a distinct advantage over the softer agneau bags. All the same, it does take a bit of mindfulness with the picking up and putting down. I've trained myself to pick up/put down my Balenciaga bags like I'm handling a baccarat goblet.... slow, gentle and with no dragging at any angles. Once you start doing this you realize just how much wear and tear a bag normally endures in take off and landing! Otherwise... this bag, in this color, would get my vote for one of the best buys in the "durability/longevity" department!
  2. thanks foxy lady! :biggrin: :winkiss:

  3. Thank you so much for this great information! I'm going to love this bag[emoji6]
  4. Congrats on this beautiful bag! I agree that B makes my heart sing a little more than LV. Enjoy!
  5. One thing I've also become aware of since owning a Bal is to be aware of "brushing" your bag against other surfaces. We can do this on a regular basis without being aware of it but now that I have my treasured Bal I am always aware of making sure that it doesn't brush up against doorways, cars, etc.
    I try to protect the corners at all costs but don't think it's that hard to do once you're mindful of it.
  6. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  7. This is all such great advice! Thank you for sharing it!
  8. Love the leather on your beauty! Reminds me of my Hamilton City. Congrats and enjoy her!
  9. that is a beautiful bag, congratulations:smile:
  10. I'm starting to realize this too;) Thank you!
  11. Thank you ccbaggirl89. So glad I broke out of my comfort zone and tried something different:P
  12. Thank you Freak4Coach! I agree, the leather is gorgeous:P
  13. Thank you Jaidybug;)
  14. Thank you s.tighe! I LOVE red bags, but have a ton of black in my collection. I always go with black and silver hardware. It's a safe bet for me. But I am already thinking of my next Bal bag and I want a red one:graucho:
  15. She's a BEAUTY! You made an excellent first choice & Welcome to the Bal club!! It is a fast, slippery slope though....a 2nd Bal, a 3rd, 4th etc etc etc!:smile: