Look what I got in the mail today...my very first Bal bag

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  1. But I do have a question to all the seasoned Balenciaga City Bag owners out there:smile:
    Love this bag; however, I noticed one thing....the side strap doesn't seem that sturdy to me. Has anyone had problems with this hardware breaking on them? I carry quite a bit of stuff with me and my bag feels pretty heavy most of the time so I just want to make sure BEFORE I use/keep it that there isn't any known sort of issues with this. Most of the time I will carry it by the short handles, but for times when I need my hands free, I will use the strap.
    I REALLY am loving this bag...one of the few that I have gotten in a LONG time that gave me that "WOW" factor when I opened the box. I'm usually an LV girl. I've had Hermes Birkins and Kelly's, but they didn't really do anything for me:sad:
    Thanks for any advice you can give me:P
  2. Sorry, I'm trying to figure out how to upload pictures:sad: Will try again....
    The bag is the Metallic edge city with goat leather.
  3. Congrats! I can tell you without seeing the bag that the straps are good, even with a stuffed bag. I have an ME city (and a mish mash assortment of non ME chevre and agneau cities as well) and the straps are absolutely sound. These bags are much stronger than they appear, and I've never heard of a known issue with weak straps, etc. If the bag is defective somehow, that's another story, but if it is brand new you shouldn't have any problems. Can't wait for pics!

    P.S. Try reducing the size of your photos by 50% (if you're on a mac this is easy... not sure how to do this on a PC or android device). Most mobile Phones and cameras these days take pics at such high resolution the file sizes are too large to upload until reduced. :smile:
  4. Oh Thank you so so much for chiming in! I am so in love with this bag. I am selling some LV's now because everytime I bring them out to use, I end up switching bags within hours again because I just don't "feel" it anymore. Does anyone else get this? Hope this makes sense. But this bag is just gorgeous! Black with silver hardware and very classy with a bit of edgy:smile: I'm so excited. I will try to post pictures again! Thank you!
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460832521.482715.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460832536.793261.jpg
  6. Thank you s.tighe...with your help, I figured it out:smile:
  7. It's gorgeous Pradagal! I completely "get" what you're talking about. I've sold each and every one of my LV's because I wasn't "feeling" it either......was so ready to move on and love everything about my pre-loved city bag!
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    Yes we do, almost the whole Bal forum:biggrin:
  9. Thank you so much! I'm really excited about this bag. It's been a long time since I've been really excited. I have bought 5 LV's in 6 months and don't want any of them:nogood::cry::crybaby:
    So so sad...so much money wasted. But will move on!
  10. Thank you Dextersmom! I think I'm hooked.....
  11. Would you say this bag will be a durable bag? I don't want to have to "baby" it. Just thinking of corner wear and such.
  12. On a PC you can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
  13. +1 but for me it was all of my AW bags!
  14. Not to worry, you should be able to sell all of your LV's and not lose money on them (or at least not much!) LV's hold their value pretty well.