Look what I got in the mail today!!!!!!!! :D

  1. I was halfway out the door to go to work when the postman rang my doorbell, and brought quite a large package. I was actually running late for work, so I couldnt open it then and there... yes the package remained unopened on my dining table all day! I almost called work to say I was sick or something just so I could stay home and open it :girlsigh:Needless to say, I was itching to have the day over so I could go home! [​IMG]

    So, without further delay - here it is: the mademoiselle ligne flap in the choc med/large lambskin with silver harware :yahoo:


  2. Very pretty!
  3. What a lovely flap! I looove the choco brown colour. Congrats!
  4. Gorgeous !:drool:I love the m/lle ligne and the colour is superb!:love:Congrats!:nuts:
  5. Congrats I remember seeing this in the boutique last year and thinking, what a gorgeous bag!
  6. thanks girls! :love:
    it's nice to finally have a brown flap in my humble collection :biggrin:
  7. wow its beyond gorgeus :heart:
  8. lovely! congrats!
  9. gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. ohhhh......very nice, it's different....me likey:graucho:
  11. wow, the leather looks awesome. It's such a cute bag too, congrats!
  12. Very pretty. I love the vertical lines, and the chain is different too, I like that :tup:
  13. wow!!...beautiful bag...congrats:smile:
  14. wow!! really nice! dont mind me asking, how much is it? you got it from boutique?
  15. It's very pretty!